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Who is Sev?

I'm dedicated to help you get the best for your dog

"I'm Sev, an eight-year-old husky malamute mix from the Netherlands. I've made this international journey with my owners to help you find top-quality products! From delicious, nutritious treats to the most trendy collars and leashes. Trust me, my owner is doing everything she can to provide you with the best products. Thanks for coming to my kennel and I hope to see you soon!"

About Sev's Kennel

Lifelong Adventurer

My name is Paulien Steneker, born and raised in The Netherlands. I moved to the United States with my husband in July 2023 and have worked with dogs for over eleven years.


I started working with dogs around 2013 as a trainee dog walker for Hondsdol Huisdierenservice in the Netherlands. In 2017, I moved to Amsterdam and completed 2 years of volunteer work for the DOA Amsterdam animal shelter. Since 2020, I have been certified in The Netherlands via LOI as a Dog Instructor. In 2023, I completed re-certification for Dog First Aid course and am pursuing further development in Canine Nutrition, Service Dog training and Dog Sports.
I’ve worked for three different dog training schools in the Netherlands, focusing on puppy, young dogs, and advanced courses. I have always held the mantra of “train the owner, not the dog.”

I opened Sev's Kennel because I've learned a lot about canine nutrition from my own dog, Sev. I've learned that a lot of our pet food isn't as healthy as we think it is. So, I started doing research.... a lot of research. We switched from kibble to raw food and he's doing so much better. He's not picky anymore and his digestive issues are gone. His coat is shinier and thicker, his teeth are always clean, and he has more energy.

Not all pets like eating a raw diet, which is why we can at least make sure we can add healthy treats to aid in our dog's health. We can add fur for fiber and better digestion, bone for thicker stools, necks and feet for cleaner teeth, etc. I hope you'll like the treats as much as Sev does and I hope it will give your pup the same benefits as it did for him.

With his newfound energy, we take Sev on a lot of trips. When we're not outside hiking together,  we go dog sledding in winter and bikejoring in spring/summer. 

Sev and Paulien on a boat
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